Februar 2024
22:10 Uhr
MDR artour
Infos und Anschauen
20 Uhr
Musikkabarett “Kein Aufwand! Teil 1”
mit Jazzpiano
E-Werk, Erlangen
20 Uhr
Musikkabarett “Kein Aufwand! Teil 2 – Die letzten Jahre”
mit Jazzpiano
Bürgerhaus Kelter, Affalterbach
Ticketbestellung per E-Mail oder telefonisch unter 0176-89096632
20 Uhr
Musikkabarett “Kein Aufwand! Teil 1”
mit Jazzpiano
Kabarettissimo – Die Kleinkunstbühne im Herrenhof, Mußbach
März 2024
19 Uhr
Musikkabarett “Kein Aufwand! Teil 2 – Die letzten Jahre”
mit Jazzpiano
Hotel & Restaurant zumOXN, Laufen
9:05 Uhr
Radio-Interview “Im Gespräch”
Deutschlandfunk Kultur
18 Uhr
BR Abendschau
20 Uhr
Musikkabarett “Kein Aufwand! Teil 1”
mit Jazzpiano
PUC, Puchheim
20 Uhr
Musikkabarett “Kein Aufwand! Teil 1”
mit Jazzpiano
Burg Stettenfels, Untergruppenbach
19:30 Uhr
Concerto mit der Stadtkapelle Kirchheim
unter Marc Lange
Stadthalle, Kirchheim unter Teck
Infos und Tickets
11:30 Uhr
auf der Leipziger Buchmesse
Deutschlandfunk Kultur Bühne – Halle 2 / H401, Messegelände Leipzig
und on air auf Deutschlandfunk Kultur “Tonart”
19 Uhr
Bayern 1 “Blaue Couch”
April 2024
20 Uhr
“Wer dablost’s?” – Kleinkunst mit Andreas Martin Hofmeir und Gästen
Kulturzentrum neun, Ingolstadt
19:30 Uhr
Sinfonietta Essenbach
unter Andreas Martin Hofmeir
Pfarrkirche St. Erhard, Ahrain
19:30 Uhr
MondayNightMusic I
Jörg Duda: Konzert für Tuba und Orchester Nr. 1 op. 67/1 und weitere Werke

mit dem Sinfonieorchester Münster
unter Henning Ehlert
LWL Museum, Münster
20 Uhr
Rock & Klassik Charity
mit Cecilio Perera
Rathaussaal, Freilassing
19:30 Uhr
Konzert mit der Schmid/Hofmeir HochTief GmbH

mit Benjamin Schmid
Schlosssaal, Schloss Hoyerswerda
Mai 2024
16:30 Uhr
European Tuba Power
im Rahmen des Jazz & Blues Open Wendelstein
Marktplatz, Wendelstein (open air)
Eintritt frei
20 Uhr
European Tuba Power
Schillerhalle, Dettingen an der Erms
9:30-17:30 Uhr und 9:30-12 Uhr
mit den Mitgliedern der European Tuba Power

Anmeldung per E-Mail
20 Uhr
European Tuba Power
Donauhallen, Strawinsky Saal, Donaueschingen
12 Uhr
mit dem Bayer Blasorchester Leverkusen
unter Tobias Schütte
im Rahmen des stARTfestivals 2024
Erholungshaus Leverkusen
19 Uhr
European Tuba Power
feat. Joshua Williams

im Rahmen des stARTfestivals 2024
Erholungshaus Leverkusen
Juni 2024
8.6. Workshop
19:30 Uhr
“Besser ohne Worte”
Konzert mit dem duo tuba & harfe

mit Andreas Mildner
Festsaal Park Schönbusch, Aschaffenburg
20:30 Uhr
European Tuba Power
Serenade Veithöchsheim im Rahmen des Mozartfests Würzburg
Hofgarten, Veithöchsheim
20 Uhr
“Wer dablost’s?” – Kleinkunst mit Andreas Martin Hofmeir und Gästen
Bauerngerätemuseum Hundszell, Ingolstadt


Solo with Wind Ensemble

Andreas Martin Hofmeir, one of the finest and most versatile instrumentalists of our time, is at home in many different musical genres. The tuba player is a professor at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, was a founding member of the Bavarian cult band LaBrassBanda, and has received numerous awards both as a cabaret artist and a classical tuba player. Hofmeir is a respected soloist and chamber musician, and has been invited to lead master classes and workshops throughout the world. He is also an author and showmaster.

Andreas Martin Hofmeir grew up playing in various brass and wind ensembles, where he discovered his love for the tuba. He still enjoys performing with brass and wind bands and passing on his knowledge to non-professional brass players. He has performed with the Sächsische Bläserphilharmonie, the Deutsche Bläserphilharmonie, the Akademisches Blasorchester München, the Bläserphilharmonie Salzburg, and the Upper Austrian Military Orchestra, as well as with countless local wind bands and music societies.

Hofmeir’s extensive repertoire includes a tuba concerto composed especially for him by Jörg Duda and another one composed for him by Stephen Melillo.


Alexander Arutiunian Tuba Concerto
Zequinha de Abreu “Tico-Tico no Fubá” (Bearbeitung von Mario Düpre)
Jörg Duda Konzert Nr. 2 für Tuba und symphonisches Blasorchester op. 67/2
Edouard Chappot Tuba Concerto (mit Brass Band oder Blasorchester)
Thomas Doss “Panoptikum”
Martin Ellerby Tuba Concerto
Edward Gregson Tuba Concerto
Ingo Luis “The Empty Stage Blues”
Carlos Marques Concertino for Tuba and Symphonic Band
Stephen Melillo Concerto for Tuba “The Strong Soul”
Vittorio Monti Csárdás (Bearbeitung)
Ennio Morricone “Gabriel’s Oboe” (aus der Filmmusik zu “The Mission”, Bearbeitung)
Joaquín Rodrigo “En Aranjuez con tu amor” (Bearbeitung)
Robert W. Smith “Willson Suite”
Roland Szentpali “Carmen Fantasie”
Roland Szentpali Tuba Concerto
Joy Webb “Share my Yoke”
Rolf Wilhelm Concertino für Tuba und Blasorchester


No Effort! Part 2 – My Last Years

It was a magnificent comeback when in the spring of 2013 Andreas Martin Hofmeir once again put a foot – or rather, his backside – on a cabaret stage. He already had a number of awards on his mantle (Bronzener Koggenzieher, Kleines ScharfrichterBeil, Goldene Weißwurscht, etc.), thanks to his days with the music cabaret troop “Star Fours” and the theater group “Die Qualkommission”, but after a few years in the diaspora of classical propriety he was drawn once again to the world of humor. Since then – celebrated by critics and adored by audiences – he has been sharing tragi-comic tales of his experiences as a tuba player and world traveler, presented in his dry, trademark style.

In “Kein Aufwand! Teil 2 – Die letzten Jahre” (“No Effort! Part 2 – My Last Years”), Hofmeir goes one step further: this time, he brings not only “Fanny”, his tuba, but also Franz the trumpet and Frau Griesmeier the trombone. In the distinguished tradition of Gerhard Polt or Karl Valentin, Hofmeir tells odd but true stories from his life: world record attempts in taking breaks or tossing objects into the tuba, a unique duet made up of a porn actress and a tuba, the downfall of an entire legion due to the actions of a pianist drafted into military service, and tales of his time with LaBrassBanda.

A book and audio book documenting the reading were released in February 2016 by btb and Hörverlag.

Official trailer (german only):

What the Critics Say

“An exceptional combination!”

Generalanzeiger Bonn, 3 June 2015

“Andreas Martin Hofmeir nonchalantly reads excepts from his book, and his idiosyncratic take on the world is right on target. The audience loves his dry, tongue-in-cheek delivery, chuckling and laughing out loud.”
Kölner Stadtanzeiger/Bonner Rundschau, 4 June 2015

“These two magicians conjure snappy bossa nova duets from their instruments. A virtuoso tangle of sound like nothing you’ve ever heard. Groovy, delicate, and heavy on the bass. Druggy! And to top it off, Hofmeir is seriously funny – black humor from Bavaria with an atomic dose of irony. A most excellent evening!”
Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, 18 July 2015

“Absolutely unbelievable, but also unbelievably funny.”
Donaukurier, 18 October 2015

“The audience laughed till their sides hurt.”
Augsburger Allgemeine, 21 October 2015

“Music and cabaret – a formula for success that delights audiences both north and south of the White Sausage Line.”
Braunschweiger Zeitung, 30 August 2016

“Hofmeir is one of those personalities that can completely fill a stage, no matter how big it is. He radiates self-confidence tempered by a healthy sense of self-mockery, without a trace of arrogance.”
Augsburger Allgemeine, 28 November 2016

“People laugh so hard they nearly fall off their chairs even before Hofmeir begins his antics on the tuba. How does he do it?”
Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 18 February 2017

All About That Bass

During the crossover boom of recent years, audiences have witnessed contrived crossover, forced crossover, economically motivated crossover and, in rare and happy cases, crossover from artists who truly feel at home in different genres and fields. Andreas Martin Hofmeir is such an artist. He is a successful cabaret performer, author, moderator, and founding member of the cult pop band LaBrassBanda, as well as a virtuoso tuba soloist who has been awarded the ECHO Klassik prize. With Hofmeir, refined classical music meets Brazilian jazz, Funk meets Baroque, music meets cabaret, and the tuba is at the center of it all. Together with the members of his jazz band and a large orchestra, Hofmeir effortlessly brings together seemingly incompatible worlds. At the end of the evening, audiences have been coaxed into giving up many of their prejudices and preconceptions, not only about the tuba.

The crossover project All About That Bass is available for booking by orchestras.

What the Critics Say

“Standing ovations for all the musicians who made this evening such a wonderful experience, but especially for Hofmeir. With a combination of virtuosity and humor, he succeeded in his quest to be the Don Quixote of the tuba.” Trierer Volksfreund, 10 May 2015

Andreas Martin Hofmeir & Band

Andreas Martin Hofmeir & Band is a most unusual combination, with a tuba as the lead instrument of a jazz combo. Hofmeir (ECHO prizewinner, Mozarteum professor, founding member of LaBrassBanda, quick-witted cabaret artist, bestselling author, and “musician without borders”) teams up with three of southern Germany’s finest jazz musicians: André Schwager on piano, Jay Lateef on drums, and Andreas Kurz on bass. Together, they create a unique musical experience. Their current program, “Brazilian Night”, takes the audience on a romantic and humorous journey to South America. Andreas Martin Hofmeir & Band have performed throughout Germany in places such as the Konzerthaus in Berlin, the Philharmonie in Munich, and the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

What the Critics Say

“Only one thing was missing on this evening – boredom! A very special occasion with marvelous music – eclectic, fascinating, informative, and funny.”
Burghauser Anzeiger, 23 August 2017

European Tuba Power

European Tuba Power brings together four of the finest tuba players of our time around Andreas Martin Hofmeir (Salzburg). All four are sought-after soloists, professors at prestigious universities, and have won numerous awards at international competitions. With a shared love of virtuoso challenges and unconventional repertoire, the ensemble has toured throughout Europe and the USA – they were special guests at the Vienna Opera Ball and regularly play at the Munich Oktoberfest. Each of the players brings his own musical influences and background to the group: Hungarian gypsy music, Slavic folk songs, Mozart transcriptions, but also jazz arrangements (with drum set) of music by Duke Ellington or Charlie Chaplin, pop hits by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, sensational Tuba Techno numbers and heavy metal classics. All of these combine to create an unforgettable concert experience.


Who’s Gonna Blow It?

An evening of music and cabaret by and with Andreas Martin Hofmeir

Andreas Martin Hofmeir’s eclectic variety show, “Who’s Gonna Blow It?” (“Wer dablost’s?”) has become am essential destination in the performing arts scene. No one – not even Germany’s biggest names – has to be asked twice when the ECHO prizewinner and tuba virtuoso calls with an invitation to Ingolstadt’s Halle Neun. Prominent guests have included Olaf Schubert, Gregor Gysi, Hans Well, Katie Freudenschuss, Matthias Egersdörfer, Maxi Schafroth, Michael Altinger, Wolfgang Krebs, and Marcus H. Rosenmüller.

All types of variety acts, deep and humorously philosophical conversations far beyond mainstream talk show fare, as well as seasonal projects such as making Christmas cookies or guessing the ingredients of various detox juices, keep the host and his guests on their toes. At the center of it all is Rosalinde, an old, broken-down, and foul-smelling tuba upon which every guest is required to play a tune, accompanied by the show’s house band, the SchutterNEUN Jazz Orchestra.

With an entertaining alternation of lively music, timely cabaret, skilled variety acts, conversations both serious and amusing, as well as interaction with the audience, the result in a show that is engaging and entertaining. “Who’s Gonna Blow It?” takes place four times a year in Ingolstadt’s Halle Neun.


More videos on kanal-neun YouTube channel !

What the Critics Say

“The barefoot tuba professor is a delightfully humorous and subversive free spirit whose spontaneous flashes of insight and delightfully sharp tongue make his talk show concept so engaging.”
Donaukurier, 12 June 2017

“This show is destined to become a cult classic!”
Donaukurier, 7 March 2017

“As a host, Hofmeir is not slickly buttoned down or harmlessly polite. He is able to find a perfect balance of curiosity, humor, and bluntness without ever becoming rude. His show concept is right on target: Halle Neun is nearly always sold out.”
Donaukurier, 26 September 2016

“A successful balance of casual entertainment, intelligent cabaret, and slapstick, but with serious moments as well. Hofmeir took a stand for cultural diversity in a musical sense: at three points in the evening, young men from Eritrea, Syria, and Senegal sang – to enthusiastic applause – songs from their homelands. According to Hofmeir, he wanted to show that people forced to become refugees ‘are not only looking for a roof over their heads, but are bringing us things of value as well.'”
Donaukurier, 14 September 2015

Tuba & Organ Duo

As Andreas Martin Hofmeir puts it: “With so many pipes, one more can’t hurt.” With Barbara Schmelz, Director of Sacred Music at Stift Nonnberg in Salzburg, in charge of the manuals, ECHO prizewinner Hofmeir cheerfully blows into his rolled-up “16-foot”. Hofmeir’s tuba is a worthy partner to the marvelous sound world of the organ – “The Queen of Instruments”. With masterful versatility, Barbara Schmelz provides continuo accompaniment in arrangements of Baroque masterpieces, and also conjures the sounds of a gentle string ensemble (in Ralph Vaughan Williams’s English Folk Songs Suite) or a street musician’s hurdy-gurdy (in Gade’s Tango Jalousie). This musical framework allows Hofmeir to confirm what the world has long suspected: the tuba is the finest sounding, most beautiful, most advanced, and generally fabulous instrument ever created. Yes, now it can be said.

Current Program: Northern Winds

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) op. 65, No. 5 I balladetone (Im Balladenton)
op. 68, No. 2 Bestemors menuett (Großmutters Menuett)
op. 68, No. 5 Bådnlåt (An der Wiege)
aus den Lyrischen Stücken
John Rutter (*1942) Of a Rose, a lovely Rose
Barbara Schmelz (*1988) Improvisation über ein schwedisches Sommerlied
Schwedisches Volkslied Uti vår hage (Auf unserer Wiese)
Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) Six studies in English folksongs:
Lovely on the water
Spurn Point
Van Dieman’s Land
She borrowed some of her Mother’s Gold
The Lady and the Dragoon
As I walked over London Bridge
Dietrich Buxtehude (1637-1707) Präludium in D- Dur BWV 139
Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) Vocalise
aus 14 Romanzen op. 34
Martin Akerwall (*1963) Meditation
Jörg Duda (*1968) No. 2 Nocturne: Rautjärvi
aus Matkalla
Jacob Gade (1879-1963) Tango Jalousie

What the Critics Say

“Tuba and Organ in Perfect Harmony”
Südwest Presse, 5 February 2018

“Like a gentle summer wind!”

Passauer Neue Presse, 16 August 2017

Schmid/Hofmeir HochTief GmbH

Dreams are dreams – but this thing really happened. The violin and the tuba could not be more different as instruments, but the biographies of Benjamin Schmid and Andreas Martin Hofmeir have some similarities: both have been award-winners at the ECHO classics (Hofmeir was the first tuba player to win one); both are professors at the renowned Salzburg Mozarteum; and both are equally at home in classical music and in jazz. Their repertoire ranges widely: alongside well-known but re-images classical music pieces the focal point of their programme consists of original compositions for this unherad combination.

Violin & tuba – unique!

What the Critics Say

“Energetic, virtuoso, and humorous music that is full of surprises. The result seems effortless, and is so convincing that one longs for more such violin-tuba duets.” Süddeutsche Zeitung, Harald Eggebrecht, 17 April 2018

“Tuba and violin – an unconventional combination, to be sure. … The radically different sound colors allow the listener to perfectly follow the two musical lines, like two graphs in a coordinate system. This has the fascinating effect of transforming an abstraction into something direct and immediate.” BR Klassik, Leporello, Kathrin Hasselbeck, 10 April 2018

“Goes wonderfully against the grain!” ORF, Jazz At Its Best, Heinz M. Fischer, 2 April 2018
“A fascinating journey to unknown worlds of sound – and lots of fun to boot.” Brigitte, 11 April 2018
“Breaks through all borders.” Aachener Zeitung, Armin Kaumanns, 23 March 2018
“Completely new sound experiences. ‘Stradihumpa’ continually surprises the audience. The tuba does not stand in the shadow of the Stradivarius, but is a completely equal partner.” BR Klassik, Sweet Spot, CD des Monats, March 2018

Current programme: Stradihumpa

Georg Breinschmid Miniature
Jörg Duda Duetto op.5/3
1. Andante con moto
2. Allegro capriccioso
Florian Willeitner 1+1= 3: The Abstraction of Beauty
J.S. Bach/B. Schmid Prelude
Let’s Gavotte
G.F. Händel/J. Halvorsen Passacaglia
– Pause –
Henryk Wieniawski Etude in g-moll, op.18
(arr. Benjamin Schmid/Andreas Martin Hofmeir)
Christof Dienz Concertino vom Lande
1. Der wankende Traktorfahrer
2. Am Abend dann
3. Beim Fernsehen
Georg Breinschmid Schnabulesco Bandini
Antonio Bazzini Le Ronde des Lutins
(arr. Benjamin Schmid/Andreas Martin Hofmeir)



Schmid/Hofmeir HochTief GmbH

Bach/Schmid: Let’s Gavotte

Breinschmid: Schnabulesco Bandini

Duda: Duetto für Tuba und Geige

Händel/Halvorsen: Passcaglia

duo tuba & harp

CD release concert “Why not?”

Carmen Fantasie and Piazzolla in BR Abendschau


Jörg Duda: Konzert Nr. 2 für Tuba und Blasorchester op. 67/2

Stephen Melillo: Concerto for Tuba – The Strong Soul

Joy Webb: Share My Yoke

Vittorio Monti: Czárdás

Joaquín Rodrigo: En Aranjuez con tu amor

ECHO Klassik award 2013

Olaf Schuberts laudation on Andreas Martin Hofmeir

Instrumentalist of the Year

acceptance speech


Official Trailer of “No effort!”

Official Trailer of “No effort! part 2 – the last years”

Cabaret show “Wer dablost’s?”

Trailer “Wer dablost’s?

European Tuba Power

Full Tuba Power at Woodstock der Blasmusik 2018


Oktoberfest Platzkonzert 2023 with Wolfgang Grünbauer and his Oktoberfestmusikanten

Duet with David Garrett in tv show “3nach9”

Old bavarian dance “Holledauer Sitzsamba”

Patent leather or barefooted – a special concert of Munich Philharmonics

Patrice feat. duo tuba & harp: Soulstorm

Ganes feat. Andreas Martin Hofmeir: Nia l`dërt

Book & Audio Book

Kein Aufwand von Andreas Martin HofmeirSince 15 February 2016, the 224 page tome, “Kein Aufwand! Schrecklich wahre Geschichten aus meinem Leben mit der Tuba“ (“No Effort! Terribly True Tales From My Life With the Tuba”), has been available for purchase (btb). This completely superfluous autobiography of a 37-year-old tuba player contains not only all the stories told so movingly by Andreas Martin Hofmeir in his musical readings, “No Effort Part 1” and “No Effort! Part 2 – My Last Years”, but also a considerable number of previously unpublished, untold, and unnecessary tales about a monstrous instrument and its owner. The stories are illustrated with an impressive number of illustrations by Carl-Heinz Daxl, the friend who also created the spectacular banner you see above. So there is at least one good reason to buy the book!

“This book not only provides a great deal of information in a humorous manner, but it elegantly rescues the instrument and all who play it from the oom-pa-pa demimonde.”
Christian Böhm, Welt am Sonntag

Kein Aufwand von Andreas Martin HofmeirAlso available is an audio book called, surprisingly, “Kein Aufwand! Schrecklich wahre Geschichten aus meinem Leben mit der Tuba” (Hörverlag). In order not to confuse the interested reader, it has the same title as the book, although it only contains about half the material. It does, however, contain all the Brazilian love songs that are performed on stage, from Telemann to Szentpali, played by Hofmeir with Guto Brinholi on guitar.

Anyone wishing to send this tuba invasion to the homes of those too lazy to visit a live performance or who would like to capture it themselves will find the links to their happiness here. Or better yet, they should go to the bookstore around the corner:
Audio Book

Solo with Symphony Orchestra

ECHO Klassik 2013
In 2013, Andreas Martin Hofmeir was awarded as the first tuba player in the history of this competition with an ECHO Klassik as instrumentalist of the year. But ever since his first prize at the International Tuba Competition in Porcia 2004 and the Award of the German Competition 2005 Andreas Martin Hofmeir is one of the most heard tuba soloists.

He played solo concerts in the past with Münchner Philharmoniker, SWR Rundfunkorchester Kaiserslautern, Rundfunksinfonieorchester Berlin, Konzerthausorchester Berlin, NDR Radiophilharmonie, Bruckner Orchester Linz, Orchester des Nationaltheaters Mannheim, Niedersächsisches Staatsorchester Hannover, Stuttgarter Kammerorchester, Neubrandenburger Philharmonie, and Junge Philharmonie Salzburg among others and also with numerous wind bands like Deutsche Bläserphilharmonie, Akademisches Blasorchester München, Sinfonisches Blasorchester Ried, Bläserphilharmonie Salzburg and Militärorchester Oberösterreich.

He’s taking very much care of increasing the Tuba repertoire and could premiere numerous new tuba concertos, many of them comissionary works and compositions dedicated to Andreas Martin Hofmeir.

A speciality of the musician, who is ensuring furore also as comedian and writer, are moderated solo concerts and cross over programmes, in which he combines classic, jazz and cabaret on the highest level. Titled “All About That Bass”, these cross over concerts completely wear the character of the tuba, which the artist approaches with words and music from all different angles – and which thereby shows to advantage in all its multifaceted wealth.

Andreas Martin Hofmeir plays at his solo and chamber music concerts a F-Tuba PT-12 by B&S.

What the Critics Say

An evening that enters into the history books – as an evening of superlatives, an evening of youth, humor and ease, an evening that breaks taboos. Hofmeir leaves no doubt that he will override the laws of nature.
Mannheimer Morgen, 11.11.2015

No doubt Hofmeir masters his instrument in all situations.
Nürnberger Zeitung, 8.5.2016

Hofmeir is an ambassador of the tuba. His instrument can fit effortlessly with a whole symphony orchestra in terms of punching power – an unusual power relationship, as would be unthinkable in a violin concerto. A refrishingly original New Year’s concert!
Weserkurier, 16.1.2017


Tomaso Albinoni Concerto in d-moll op.9 (arrangement)
Alexander Arutiunian Tuba Concerto
Eugene Bozza Concertino
Jörg Duda Konzert Nr. 1 for tuba and orchestra op. 67/1
Jörg Duda Matkalla (on the way) op. 82/1
Travel notes for tuba and string orchestra
Julius Jacobsen Tuba buffo
Jan Koetsier Concertino op. 77 for tuba and string orchestra
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concerts for horn and orchestra Nr. 1 – 4 (KV 412, 417, 447 and 495) (arrangements)
Aarild Plau Concerto for Tuba and Strings
Anthony Plog Tuba Concerto
Kjell Roikjer Capriccio op. 66
Jorge Salgueiro Tuba Concerto
Richard Strauss Horn concerts Nr. 1 and 2 (arrangements)
Valerij Strukow Tuba Concerto
Roland Szentpali Tuba Concerto
Ralph Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto
John Williams Tuba Concerto

duo tuba & harp

2005 the Duo Andreas Mildner (professor for harp at HfM Würzburg) and Andreas Martin Hofmeir (professor for tuba at the Universtity Mozarteum Salzburg) was founded due to the stipend of the German Music Council. As the only tuba harp duo so far they play not only extraordinary transscriptions but commission composers from all over Germany to compose for this combination. Characteristic for their concerts is the concept, that they present their instruments together as well as each one for it’s own. With this very often unexpected impressions they never leave the audience alone but lead them lively and with a eye twinkle through history and possibilties of their instruments.

The last years prove that this is a concept of success: Meanwile they have been playing concerts in numerous countries and well known festivals, such as the Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele, the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, the Festival Middle of Europe, the International Harp Festival in Rio de Janeiro, the Brucknerhaus Linz, the Mozarteum Salzburg and a lot more. Several Radio stations broadcasted their music, for example the Bavarian Radio, the Northern German Radio and the German Radio.

“Much more than first class music!”
Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, 7.11.2019

“No singers, no orchestra, two alone have to fix it. Was that possible? It was. Very splendid even! Afterwards one thinks it is the most obvious instrumentation of all. First class!
Franconian regional newspaper, 17.6.2019

“In a single word: excellent!”
Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 14.10.2018

“The tuba unfolds a gentle, restrained glow, which fits very well with the angelically delicate tones of the harp. Amazing!”
Münchner Merkur, 1.10.2018

“A wonderful concert evening!
Donaukurier, 10.8.2017

“An exclamation mark! Simply great.”
Nordwestzeitung, 19.6.2017

“Unique and ingenious. Thunderous applause!”
Mainpost, 2.6.2017

“Such a stupendous technique that you listen to speechless!”
Schwäbische Zeitung, 16.10.2016

Programmes of the duo tuba & harp

Better without words
Songs and arias for tuba and harp

Robert Schumann
arr. Andreas Mildner
Adagio und Allegro
Robert Schumann Der Nussbaum
Die Tochter Jephtas
An den Mond
Franz Schubert Gretchen am Spinnrade
Harfenspieler I
Pietro Mascagni Intermezzo
aus der Cavalleria Rusticana
Richard Wagner Lied an den Abendstern
aus Tannhäuser
Elias Parish-Alvars Introduction and Variations on themes from Bellini’s “Norma”
Giacomo Puccini Vissi d’arte und E lucevan le stelle
aus Tosca
François Borne Fantasie brillante sur “Carmen“

Why not?

Jörg Duda Fantasia II in f-moll op. 29/2 for tuba and harp
G.Ph. Telemann Fantasy for flute Nr. 2 in a-moll TWV 40:3
Quinto Maganini L’Apres-Midi d’une Crocodille (L’Apres-Midi d’une Demoiselle “Crocodille”)
Gisbert Näther Duo op. 120 for tuba and harp
Astor Piazzolla Oblivion
Jörg Duda Threnodie and Arabesque for tuba and harp
Astor Piazzolla Nightclub 1960
from Histoire du Tango
Jules Massenet Meditation
from the opera Thaïs

more repertoire

works for tuba and harp

Kurt Dietmar Richter Mephistopheles Wohlkla(n)g
Adrian Sieber Gentzgasse

tuba solo

Ib Norholm Tea for Tuba
Krystof Penderecki Capriccio

harp solo

Johann Sebastian Bach Italian concert
André Caplet Deux Divertissements
Isaac Albéniz Suite espagnole
Benjamin Britten Suite op. 83





Andreas Martin Hofmeir
Erzabt-Klotz-Str. 27
5020 Salzburg


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duo tuba & harp: Better Without Words

Songs and arias for tuba and harp

Songs and arias are something wonderful, no question. If it weren’t for the lyrics sometimes. With Wagner, for example. But also elsewhere.

Instrumentalists have always been inclined to call singing a disturbing element of these two genres. And so Andreas Martin Hofmeir and Andreas Mildner have taken this circumstance as an opportunity to help various songs to achieve true brilliance by omitting the lyrics. The brilliance of course that is only possible through the logical combination of their two instruments: namely tuba and harp. But so that you know what happens in the pieces, the artists have briefly sketched the scenes in the booklet, and that, as experience has shown, is very funny …

Rank 12 in the German classical music charts
Since April 2020 the CD of the tuba-harp duo has been in the Top 20 of the German classical music charts. The CD Better without words entered there at position 12.

Schmid/Hofmeir Hochtief GmbH: Stradihumpa

Violin & tuba – unique!

Dreams are dreams – but this thing really happened. The violin and the tuba could not be more different as instruments, but the biographies of Benjamin Schmid and Andreas Martin Hofmeir have some similarities: both have been award-winners at the ECHO classics (Hofmeir was the first tuba player to win one); both are professors at the renowned Salzburg Mozarteum; and both are equally at home in classical music and in jazz. Their repertoire ranges widely: alongside well-known but re-images classical music pieces the focal point of their programme consists of original compositions for this unherad combination.

on the way

sc hofmeir on the way cover v4

containing the following:

Jörg Duda – Tuba Concerto Nr.1

John Williams – Tuba Concerto

Jörg Duda – Matkalla

Roland Szentpali – Very good morning


“Andreas Martin Hofmeir proves that one is able to play as virtuously on a tuba as on any classical solo instrument. Fascinating, how exactly he articulates coloraturas. He „sings“ on the tuba, producing a warm, soft sound.” (5 stars)
Münchner Merkur, 20.3.2014

“Without any doubt Andreas Hofmeir is one of the today’s greatest tubists and given his musical capacity as well as his personality capable to be a true ambassador for his instrument. The whole CD depicts a plea for the tuba – and, almost as an aside, an easy listening, flowing cheerfully, colourfully, flowerily, romantically and opulently, irresistibly taking the listener on Andreas Hofmeir’s journey.”
Clarino, 04/2014

“With him playing so wonderfully, Andreas Hofmeir turns everyone spontaneously into tuba fans.“
NDR Kultur, 27.3.2014

Why not? – Tuba and Harp in Duet!

Why not?

We know what you are thinking: Why in the world would you pack a tuba and a harp into a duo? How can that work? But just look; you have, after all, married, right? You see, evolution itself is based on the successful combination of seemingly incompatible extremes.

Unfortunately the experts are doubtful whether the alliance of tuba and harp will be similarly successful as husband and wife or even excel over all the other duos in existence, but the fruitfulness of this instrumental marriage shall be proved once and for all with this CD.

Primal Recordings for Tuba

Primal Recordings for Tuba

Whoever is looking for sonorous abysses next to which one can pleasantly shudder, or likes scintillating hummingbirds the size of an albatross – will feel at home with the GENUIN debut CD of tuba player Andreas Martin Hofmeir. The highly virtuoso prize winner of the German Music Competition handles his weighty instrument so light-footedly that some violinists will be envious – from the lowest depths to a tenor brilliance. In this production undertaken in cooperation with the German Music Council, he presents witty, stimulating works by Jörg Duda, Gisbert Näther and Kjell Roikjer – all of them premiere recordings. An absolute must for all friends of great breath and flashing metal!


“These Primal Recordings must and shall not only be heard by Tuba players. Pioneers open new ways not only for themselves but for everyone.”
Clarino, 05/2012

“Unusual but true: Andreas Martin Hofmeir, award winner of the German Music Competition 2005, is bringing out large the tuba as a solo instrument on his first CD Recording.”, 19. April 2012


In 2007 Andreas Martin Hofmeir founded together with four music collegues the Bavarian Band Labrassbanda. Since then nobody can stop them anymore. Alle Informations about the band and their concerts you will find here:

No Effort! Part 1

Humour and satire don’t let him go: After six years with the musical comedy group “Star Fours” and the satiric theatre group “Die Qualkommission”, with both of whom he won several prizes, he is now looking for a calmer reading version according to his increasing age. The result is the musical reading “Kein Aufwand!” (“No Effort!”).

In his dry style he reads about his experiences as a tuba player and world traveller, even in poems, oh dear! It will be filled up with music out of the Tuba, accompanied by guitar, accordeon and other instruments.

Who is going to stand that?

A book and audio book documenting the reading were released in February 2016 by btb and Hörverlag.

Official trailer (german only):

What the Critics Say

“There it is again: this cryptic, weirdly philosophic, and sometimes melancholy sense of humor, reminiscent of Karl Valentin. The audience was enchanted by the fascinating mix of Brazilian jazz and Hofmeir’s satirical musings.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 5 November 2013

“Texts worthy of Gerhard Polt.”

Nürnberger Nachrichten

“Hofmeir achieves the miracle of reaching audiences of all ages.”
Die Rheinpfalz, 23 March 2016

“With his dry, laconic delivery, Hofmeir’s humor is wonderfully down to earth, and the audience is delighted. But when he picks up his tuba, a miracle occurs! The sounds he coaxes from it are tender, subtle, and full of feeling. Ecstatic applause. Hofmeir’s virtuosity is simply unbelievable, One is tempted to say to orchestra managers around the world: make it easy on yourselves, and hire Andreas Martin Hofmeir to fill all your wind jobs!”
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 27 February 2017

“The music world has never heard the tuba like this.”
Tözer Kurier, 27 February 2017

“Hofmeir joins the ranks of great cabaret artists such as Fredl Fesl – he has a dry wit and isn’t looking for quick laughs. The laughs come anyway, though, and then there is the music.”
Chamer Zeitung, 21 February 2018


Since 2006 Andreas Martin Hofmeir has been teaching as full Professor at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. More Informations about studying, auditions and much more you will find here:


Workshop Zolling

Beside his teaching at the university and masterclasses for professionals all over world he is also very successfully providing one or two days workshops for amateurs. Read about the concepts:

Workshop 1 day

At this one day Workshop with Professor Andreas Hofmeir of the University Mozarteum Salzburg low brass players of any level are welcome. We will work on the following topics:
How shall I breath?
How can I produce a really beautiful sound?
How can I improve my range?
How can I play louder, softer?
These and your very personal questions we are going to answer – guaranteed success!

Tuba-Workshop 2-3 days

Together we will work on the most important questions we are facing as students and teachers.
How shall I breath?
How can I produce a really beautiful sound?
How can I improve my range?
How can I play louder, softer?
What is the best way to articulate?
How do I practice most effectively?
How can I express myself musically?
How can I reach the student as a teacher?
Come with your individual problems, we will try to solve it. Besides there will surely be time for some ensemble playing.


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    Alexander von Spreti – public relations
    Leonrodstrasse 12 a
    83278 Traunstein
    Tel: +49 151 2234 3426


Artist portraits (credits to Philippe Gerlach):

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Schmid/Hofmeir HochTief GmbH (credits to Wolfgang Lienbacher):

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duo tuba & harp

ensemble portraits (credits to Philippe Gerlach):

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program pictures “Better without words” (credits to Nora von Marschall):

Duo Tuba & Organ (credits to Philippe Gerlach

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Musical reading “No effort!”
(free for download without password)

Part 1

© Hans Grünthaler:

© Gerald Langer:

Part 2

© Hans Grünthaler:


Andreas Martin Hofmeir, who at present is certainly one of the best and most versatile instrumentalists, loves to commute between different genres: he is professor at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, founded the popular Bavarian band LaBrassBanda and is is successful both as a cabaret performer and as a classical tuba player. He is a sought-after soloist and chamber musician, gives master classes all over the world and is showmaster and author. BASF’s cultural program honored his versatile artistic work with the Artist Portrait 2018.

Born in Munich, he found his way to the tuba at the age of twelve via piano, percussion and tenor horn. He studied in Berlin (Dietrich Unkrodt), Stockholm (Michael Lind) and Hannover (Jens Björn-Larsen). Hofmeir won the prestigious “Città di Porcia” International Tuba Competition, the prize of Deutscher Musikwettbewerb in Berlin and the ECHO Klassik as “Instrumentalist of the Year 2013”, the latter as the first tuba player in the history of the competitions.

Hofmeir received a scholarship from the orchestra academies of the Berliner and Münchner Philharmoniker and played with the Wiener Philharmoniker, the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig and the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, among others. As a soloist he performed with the Münchner and Bremer Philharmoniker, Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, NDR Radiophilharmonie and many others.

As a pioneer of his instrument, Hofmeir repeatedly breaks new ground in chamber music: with the harpist Andreas Mildner he forms the first tuba-harp duo in the world, with Austrian violin virtuoso Benjamin Schmid the Schmid Hofmeir HochTief GmbH, and with Barbara Schmelz a tuba-organ duo. With his chamber music formations, each of which is unique in the world, Hofmeir has performed at noted music festivals such as the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, the Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele, the Brandenburgische Sommerkonzerte and the Euroclassic Festival and filled the halls of the Berlin and Cologne Philharmonie.

Apart from his classical career, Hofmeir has also been standing on stage as a cabaret artist for more than twenty years, including as an actor and lyricist with the music cabaret Star Fours and the word cabaret ensemble Die Qualkommission, with whom he won numerous prizes. Together with Roman Deininger he wrote and directed the cabaret evening “Der Ball ist wund” at the Landestheater Linz. Presently he tours with his musical-cabaret-reading “Kein Aufwand!”. The program was published in 2016 as a book and audio book.

Andreas Martin Hofmeir is show master of his own cabaret show “Wer dablost’s?”, in which artists of different genres perform, talk and try to blow the antique, malodorous tuba Rosalinde. Top-class artists like Olaf Schubert, Konstantin Wecker and Michael Altinger are his guests.

With his band LaBrassBanda, which he joined until end of 2013, Hofmeir was “winner of hearts” at the Eurovision Song Contest and stormed the top ten of the German charts with their album “Europa” (Sony). The tuba player also breaks new ground as a jazz musician. Together with four of the best tuba players in Europe he founded the ensemble European Tuba Power and plays as lead instrumentalist with his own jazz band.

As cross over artist Hofmeir increasingly links classics, jazz and cabaret in exceptional programmes. After acclaimed performances of the cabaret theatre concert “Lackschuh oder Barfuß” with the Münchner Philharmoniker, Hofmeir conceived the crossover evening “All About That Bass”,in which he is on stage as classical soloist, moderator, actor, cabaret artist and jazz musician, and which was performed at the Konzerthaus Berlin and the Munich Gasteig, among others.

Hofmeir’s musical activities are documented on numerous CDs: On Genuin he released “Uraufnahmen | Primal Recordings” with exclusively world premiere recordings of the tuba concertos by Duda, Näther and Roikjer (ECHO Klassik 2013), the two CDs “Why not?” and “Better without words” with the tuba-harp duo, and the tuba concertos by Martin Ellerby and Ralph Vaughan Williams with the Sächsische Bläserphilharmonie under Thomas Clamor. His solo CD “On the way” with the Münchner Philharmoniker under Andrew Manze was released by Sony Classical, and “Stradihumpa” by ACT, the first CD of the Schmid Hofmeir HochTief GmbH.

In addition to his artistic activities, Hofmeir is also involved in socio-political issues as an ambassador for the Stiftung Bildung and the Verein Singende Krankenhäuser. In 2019 he was appointed as a member of the Münchner Turmschreiber.

Andreas Martin Hofmeir plays B&S tubas.


Mirror – Deutsche Bläserphilharmonie
First recording of the Tuba Concerto by Martin Ellerby

Solistengala – Bläserphilharmonie Salzburg
Live Recording of the World Premiere of the new Tuba Concerto “Panoptikum”  by Thomas Doss

Soirees musicales – Akademische Blasorchester München
Live Recording of the World Premiere of the second Tuba Concerto by Jörg Duda

CD Habedieehre
CD Übersee
DVD Live in Circus Krone
CD Live Olympiahalle München
CD Europa

Music Comedy
Star Fours – Poly, Tick und Zärtlichkeit
Star Fours – Die Rückkehr der Jodelritter
Kein Aufwand. Schrecklich wahre Geschichten aus meinem Leben mit der Tuba (audio book at der Hörverlag)