Schmid/Hofmeir HochTief GmbH

Dreams are dreams – but this thing really happened. The violin and the tuba could not be more different as instruments, but the biographies of Benjamin Schmid and Andreas Martin Hofmeir have some similarities: both have been award-winners at the ECHO classics (Hofmeir was the first tuba player to win one); both are professors at the renowned Salzburg Mozarteum; and both are equally at home in classical music and in jazz. Their repertoire ranges widely: alongside well-known but re-images classical music pieces the focal point of their programme consists of original compositions for this unherad combination.

Violin & tuba – unique!

What the Critics Say

“Energetic, virtuoso, and humorous music that is full of surprises. The result seems effortless, and is so convincing that one longs for more such violin-tuba duets.” Süddeutsche Zeitung, Harald Eggebrecht, 17 April 2018

“Tuba and violin – an unconventional combination, to be sure. … The radically different sound colors allow the listener to perfectly follow the two musical lines, like two graphs in a coordinate system. This has the fascinating effect of transforming an abstraction into something direct and immediate.” BR Klassik, Leporello, Kathrin Hasselbeck, 10 April 2018

“Goes wonderfully against the grain!” ORF, Jazz At Its Best, Heinz M. Fischer, 2 April 2018
“A fascinating journey to unknown worlds of sound – and lots of fun to boot.” Brigitte, 11 April 2018
“Breaks through all borders.” Aachener Zeitung, Armin Kaumanns, 23 March 2018
“Completely new sound experiences. ‘Stradihumpa’ continually surprises the audience. The tuba does not stand in the shadow of the Stradivarius, but is a completely equal partner.” BR Klassik, Sweet Spot, CD des Monats, March 2018

Current programme: Stradihumpa

Georg Breinschmid Miniature
Jörg Duda Duetto op.5/3
1. Andante con moto
2. Allegro capriccioso
Florian Willeitner 1+1= 3: The Abstraction of Beauty
J.S. Bach/B. Schmid Prelude
Let’s Gavotte
G.F. Händel/J. Halvorsen Passacaglia
– Pause –
Henryk Wieniawski Etude in g-moll, op.18
(arr. Benjamin Schmid/Andreas Martin Hofmeir)
Christof Dienz Concertino vom Lande
1. Der wankende Traktorfahrer
2. Am Abend dann
3. Beim Fernsehen
Georg Breinschmid Schnabulesco Bandini
Antonio Bazzini Le Ronde des Lutins
(arr. Benjamin Schmid/Andreas Martin Hofmeir)