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Kein Aufwand von Andreas Martin HofmeirSince 15 February 2016, the 224 page tome, “Kein Aufwand! Schrecklich wahre Geschichten aus meinem Leben mit der Tuba“ (“No Effort! Terribly True Tales From My Life With the Tuba”), has been available for purchase (btb). This completely superfluous autobiography of a 37-year-old tuba player contains not only all the stories told so movingly by Andreas Martin Hofmeir in his musical readings, “No Effort Part 1” and “No Effort! Part 2 – My Last Years”, but also a considerable number of previously unpublished, untold, and unnecessary tales about a monstrous instrument and its owner. The stories are illustrated with an impressive number of illustrations by Carl-Heinz Daxl, the friend who also created the spectacular banner you see above. So there is at least one good reason to buy the book!

“This book not only provides a great deal of information in a humorous manner, but it elegantly rescues the instrument and all who play it from the oom-pa-pa demimonde.”
Christian Böhm, Welt am Sonntag

Kein Aufwand von Andreas Martin HofmeirAlso available is an audio book called, surprisingly, “Kein Aufwand! Schrecklich wahre Geschichten aus meinem Leben mit der Tuba” (Hörverlag). In order not to confuse the interested reader, it has the same title as the book, although it only contains about half the material. It does, however, contain all the Brazilian love songs that are performed on stage, from Telemann to Szentpali, played by Hofmeir with Guto Brinholi on guitar.

Anyone wishing to send this tuba invasion to the homes of those too lazy to visit a live performance or who would like to capture it themselves will find the links to their happiness here. Or better yet, they should go to the bookstore around the corner:
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