European Tuba Power

European Tuba Power brings together five of the finest tuba players of our time: Alessandro Fossi (Bologna/Bolzano), János Mazura (Budapest), Roland Szentpáli (Budapest), Fabien Wallerand (Paris/Geneva), and Andreas Martin Hofmeir (Salzburg). All five are sought-after soloists, professors at prestigious universities, and have won numerous awards at international competitions. With a shared love of virtuoso challenges and unconventional repertoire, the ensemble has toured throughout Europe and the USA – in 2017, they were special guests at the Vienna Opera Ball. Each of the players brings his own musical influences and background to the group: Hungarian gypsy music, Slavic folk songs, Mozart transcriptions, but also jazz arrangements (with drum set) of music by Duke Ellington or Charlie Chaplin, pop hits by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and sensational Tuba Techno numbers. All of these combine to create an unforgettable concert experience.