Schmid/Hofmeir HochTief GmbH

Dreams are dreams – but this thing really happened. The violin and the tuba could not be more different as instruments, but the biographies of Benjamin Schmid and Andreas Martin Hofmeir have some similarities: both have been award-winners at the ECHO classics (Hofmeir was the first tuba player to win one); both are professors at the renowned Salzburg Mozarteum; and both are equally at home in classical music and in jazz. Their repertoire ranges widely: alongside well-known but re-images classical music pieces the focal point of their programme consists of original compositions for this unherad combination.

Violin & tuba – unique!

Current programme: Stradihumpa

Georg Breinschmid Miniature
Jörg Duda Duetto op.5/5
1. Andante con moto
2. Allegro capriccioso
Florian Willeitner 1+1= 3: The Abstraction of Beauty
Henryk Wieniawski Etude in g-moll, op.18
(arr. Benjamin Schmid/Andreas Martin Hofmeir)
J.S. Bach/B. Schmid Let’s Gavotte
Antonio Bazzini Le Ronde des Lutins
(arr. Benjamin Schmid/Andreas Martin Hofmeir)
G.F. Händel/J. Halvorsen Passacaglia
Christof Dienz Concertino vom Lande
1. Der wankende Traktorfahrer
2. Am Abend dann
3. Beim Fernsehen
Georg Breinschmid Schnabulesco Bandini
Eddie Harris Freedom Jazz Dance
(arr. Benjamin Schmid)